There’s just something special about gold wheels on a glossy black bike. Add spokes, as well as tasteful gold accents that set off the black just right, and you have a surefire winner in the aesthetics department. To be fair, Bullit Motorcycles seems to have had pleasing design figured out since it first launched its Hero 125, and especially with its Gulf Oil livery limited edition released in 2019. 

Even knocking the Heroism down a peg when creating the Hero 50 may have reduced displacement slightly, but definitely didn’t do anything to stop that style. Still, new year, new paint, and the new black and gold color scheme on the Hero 125 for 2020 doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. 

Although other Bullit 125s (the Spirit and Hunt S, to be specific) have had black with gold accented color schemes available, the Hero didn’t until now. It features a glossy black tank and front fender, as well as gold rims with silver spokes. Choice gold accents include a pinstripe on the side of the tank that accentuates its overall shape, as well as gold lettering to spell out the “Bullit” name. A gold oval “Hero” number plate is affixed to the right side of the bike. There’s also gold piping around the back of the saddle, which is black.  

Bullit Hero 125

Overall, it’s a tasty bit of kit that UK and other European riders will be able to get their hands on. Sadly, although we continue to live in hope over on the U.S. side of the pond, no Bullit Motorcycles have yet to make their way over here. It’s a shame, because these seem like they’d make excellent little commuter bikes. Just going out to see this little guy with its back tire against the curb, waiting for you after a long day of work would put a smile on your face, wouldn’t it?  

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