These bikes will be used to deliver humanitarian aid to various communities.

MANILA, Philippines—Honda Foundation, Inc. (HFI), the corporate social responsibility (CSR) segment of the Honda group of companies in the Philippines, has donated a total of 104 motorcycles to the Philippine Red Cross in order to assist them in delivering humanitarian aid and lifesaving services to communities across the country. With a total of 104 chapters distributed all across the Philippines, the donation translates to one motorcycle per chapter. 

Comprising 52 units each of Honda’s popular workhorse machines, the TMX125 Alpha and Wave 110 Alpha, these bikes provide reliable, affordable, and efficient vehicles for the Philippine Red Cross to access even the most remote communities. Aptly finished in bright red paint, each of the motorcycles comes with an insulated top case, perfect for carrying delicate medical equipment, medicines, and other supplies.

The Honda TMX125 is a standard motorcycle popular for its versatility as a commuter machine. Often used with a sidecar, the TMX125 is a staple in the Philippines’ public transportation system. On the other hand, the Wave 110 is Honda’s entry-level underbone motorcycle. Similar to the TMX125, the Wave 110 is a popular commuter motorcycle. It features an automatic transmission, making it easier and more convenient to ride. 


With the intent of giving back to the community that Honda has been operating in for many decades, Susumu Mitsuishi, member of the Board of Trustees of HFI said, “We at Honda, are committed to supporting institutions that save Filipino lives like the Philippine Red Cross, in their duties and advocacies.” Apart from giving back to the community, Mitsuishi further elaborated that the donation represents Honda’s intention in taking a proactive approach in addressing and providing assistance to local community needs during national emergencies and public calamities, similar to what we are going through at present. 

In line with Honda’s One Dream campaign, the donation aims to make Honda motorcycles a tool in helping humanitarian institutions deliver rapid response to emergencies, ultimately saving lives. 

Honda has been the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines, and has been in operation since 1973.