In the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo, Bajaj Auto, India’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, unveiled an exciting new motorcycle for the Indian market. Dubbed the Pulsar RS400, it would have been the Indian motorcycle manufacturer’s largest displacement sportbike ever produced. However, several years hence, news about the Pulsar RS400 seems to have dwindled down. 

Until now, as Bajaj has announced its plans on launching the much delayed sportbike this coming august. Strangely however, India isn’t even part of the list of countries this much anticipated motorcycle will be launched in. At the moment, the launch is slated for the Indonesian market. In that case, it would appear that Indian customers will have to settle for the RS200–a bike bearing the same look and riding dynamics, albeit with a smaller 199 cc engine. 

Nevertheless, Bajaj Auto’s production ready Pulsar RS400 will feature a lower seat height, and slightly relaxed ergonomics in order to make it more accessible for short riders as opposed to its cousin, the KTM RC 390, which features super aggressive ergonomics. The rest, however, is common sportbike kit: bulky front fairings, LED headlamps, and a large windscreen. 

It will likely share the mid-rise clip-on handlebars found on the RS200. However, it’s expected that the bike will come with a more premium LED instrument cluster, similar to that of the Dominar 400. Likely sharing the same engine as well, the RS400 will likely be sporting a very similar engine to that of the KTM 390 bikes. With 373.2 cc of displacement, this engine makes use of DTSI, or Digital Triple Spark Ignition technology, and unlike its KTM cousins, is a SOHC rather than a DOHC. 

With around 40 horsepower and 35 Nm of torque, this bike is sure to be a lively little ripper accentuated further by its 6-speed transmission, stiffly spring suspension, and ABS brakes by Bybre. As of now, no pricing has been announced by Bajaj Auto yet, so we’ll have to wait and see until the official launch in August. 

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