Check out Gasoline M.A.A.B.'s photorealistic motorcycle drawings.

If you love photorealistic painting, and you love motorcycles, then you need to check out Noémie Marmorat’s work. Maybe you already have and you just didn’t know it was hers. When you see it online, it’s often under the name GASOLINE M.A.A.B. Those initials stand for Motorcycle, Automotive, Aviation, Boat 

As the name implies, Marmorat loves to draw vehicles. The French artist says her work follows her two greatest passions: motorcycles and drawing. 

She started drawing motorcycles in 2018, after her brother asked her to draw his Kawasaki Ninja 300. She’d never drawn a bike before, although her family was into motorcycles, and she fell in love with the idea. From there, she started drawing bikes and cars and sharing the work on social media. Seeing the results, people contacted her to draw their vehicles on commission. Now, you can order prints of Marmorat’s work online, and you can even commission her for a custom piece of your own vehicle. 

Hang out in the moto scene long enough, and you’ll see an awful lot of kustom kulture-influenced art. If you’re tired of mutant cartoon rats and flaming skulls, Marmorat’s work is a breath of fresh air. 

Marmorat mainly works with felt-tip pens, colored pencils, and Posca pens, and she’s working hard at improving her efforts. She says she draws every day, but still has lots to learn, and that’s what she loves the most.  

Her press kit says she wants her style of drawing to be as close as possible to reality, and that her goal is to make it difficult to discern between her drawing and the actual object. The results are gorgeous, lifelike drawings, without the stilted look that so much moto-art gets, when it tries too hard to be true-to-life. 

If you’d like to see Marmorat’s work, you can check her out on Instagram or Facebook, or order prints or original artwork through her website. 

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