Heavy metal, refracted.

For the wrenching-inclined, motorcycles can be something of a respite in a world where seemingly everything becomes more disposable by the day. There’s a certain solace in knowing that if it’s broken, you can fix it. You can spend hours scouring the Internets, swap meets, and pestering that one guy you know with a line on that weird part you need—all in the name of making everything right with your world. What about those old parts you can’t use anymore, though? Wouldn’t you rather see your spent sprockets and chewed-up chains become something artistically awesome instead of heading off to languish in a landfill? 

That’s where Brisbane, Australia-based metal artist Adam Tovell-Soundy comes in. His entire life, it seems, is heavy metal. The man takes scrap metal bits—many sourced from motorcycles—and turns them into amazingly cool creations. Possibly the most popular series he’s done to date are these very recognizable guitars.

Gallery: Adam Tovell-Soundy's Moto Guitars

Whether you’re a classic Les Paul fan or more of a Stratocaster or Flying V type, ATS has been making and flogging these gorgeous metal sculptures for around $800 a pop. He also does custom work, and will gladly provide information on both custom commissions and pricing for existing work upon request if you drop him a line. At the very least, you could do a lot worse than to follow him on Instagram to see his new creations.

“I’ve always made small scrap metal art from anything as a hobby,” Tovell-Soundy told Motorbike Writer. “Guitars were something I had seen as a new challenge. l figured that if I could get my hands on motorbike parts the rest would be easy.” 

Sure enough, that’s exactly what he did, thanks to a local shop—and he hasn’t looked back. Motorcycle parts are ideal, size-wise, for the scale of the guitars that Tovell-Soundy likes to build. Brake disc wall clocks are one well-trod craft item. Turning discarded bike bits into metal guitars, while not totally unheard of, is a much more uncommon application. Of course, after seeing how cool these pieces have turned out, that may change in the future. 

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