The TNT is getting a replacement.

While the motorcycle industry is gradually emerging from its slumber, some companies are ready to reopen their doors and hit the ground running.  

It looks like group Qianjiang is getting a head start on the production of a new Benelli model that has yet to be formally unveiled—something that could have been delayed by the pandemic. Pictures from Benelli’s Chinese factory recently leaked showing that production of a new Benelli 600 model is well underway. 

Several sources point to the fact that while the model seen in some of the pictures is identified as the SRK600, it borrows a slew of components from the existing Benelli TNT600, including the trellis frame and off-set rear shock. The SRK’s inline-four engine is also a graft from the TNT, hooked to an underbelly four-into-one exhaust. In the base TNT, the engine is rated at 67 horsepower and 35.4 lb-ft of torque. Some outlets suggest, however, that the SRK will receive the mill’s amped up version offered in the TNT600i which churns out a healthy 85 hp.  

Considering Benelli was set to unveil a new generation of the TNT600 in May 2020, we can suppose that the SRK will replace the TNT in the brand’s lineup.  

Benelli SRK600 Photos Leaked
Benelli SRK600 Photos Leaked

The pictures also clearly show that the bike will be equipped with surprisinfeatures usually found on higher-end products such as a color TFT display, illuminated control clusters, and even keyless ignitionWhile the model hasn’t been introduced and a price point has therefore yet to be announced, this is an impressive level of tech for a brand that sells bikes for less than $6,000 in the U.S.  

While the mid-May launch day has been pushed back due to the pandemic, it shouldn’t be long before Benelli officially introduces its new SRK600 if the picture of a full warehouse is any indication. 

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