With tighter emissions regulations being enforced all across the globe, the motorcycle industry has been forced to come up with ways to further limit emissions whilst maximizing performance and efficiency of their machines. Apart from the well known European standard, India adopts a standard of its own. Gearing up for the BS6 standard which is gradually seeing implementation across all manufactures, Benelli has taken steps to start updating its entire range of motorcycles.

Benelli India is starting to update its entire range of motorcycles to comply with BS6 emission standards. As evidenced by its substantial price hikes on its models last month, it can be expected that the BS6 models will come with an even steeper price hike. In particular, the Benelli Imperiale 400, one of the brand’s more popular models for the Indian market, saw a price hike or around Rs 20,000, or $265–substantial for the segment the bike plays in. Depending on the color option, the outgoing model retails for Rs 1,79,500 or $2,387 finished in silver, and Rs 1,89,499 or $2,520 for the black and red models. 

The updated BS6 compliant Benelli Imperiale 400 carries over its 374cc fuel-injected engine producing 20 horsepower and 29 Nm of torque. Sporting classic themed looks which is well loved by the Indian market, it comes as a direct competitor to the extremely popular Royal Enfield Classic 350 and its bigger brother, the Classic 500. Retailing for Rs 1.53 lakh, or just north of $2,000, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes as a more affordable option, albeit one that, perhaps, could use a few updates. 

Apart from carrying over the 374cc single cylinder engine, the updated Benelli Imperiale 400 features regular underpinnings by way of standard telescopic forks, dual rear shock absorbers, and 300mm front and 240mm rear disc brakes—ABS equipped, of course. 

Benelli has yet to announce the updated pricing of the BS6 Imperiale 400, however we can expect the price to be even higher than the outgoing BS4 models. We’re certainly hoping that the bike carries with it additional features to make it even more enticing. 

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