TVS Motor Company, one of the largest and most popular Indian motorcycle manufacturers is encouraging its customers, especially the youth, to go green for a more sustainable future with their newest electric scooter, the iQube. A perfect fit for the hip and fast paced lifestyle of today’s generation, the iQube is more than just an electric scooter. It’s designed with the urban commuter in mind—whose life relies on being connected anytime, anywhere. As such, the TVS iQube sports nextgen technology such as TVS SmartXonnect. 

The TVS SmartXonnect platform allows users to remain connected to their mobile devices without having to stop and whip out their smartphones. Displayed via the iQube’s TFT display, the system connects to the TVS iQube application installed on the user’s smartphone, and allows all important information such as incoming SMS and calls to be displayed on the scooter’s dash. Other pertinent features such as remote battery charge status via the mobile application, as well as last-park-assist allow its owner to keep tabs on the scooter’s range and location whilst away from the vehicle. 

On the technical side, the TVS iCube is propelled by a 4.4 kW electric motor that delivers optimum power and efficiency with minimal transmission loss, ideal for use in urban areas. A top speed of 78 kilometers per hour and a range of 75 kilometers on a single charge are equally impressive features. Electric motors are known for their instant torque and aggressive response. The iQube, however, has been tuned to maximize user comfort and power delivery is regulated, allowing it to go from 0 to 40 kilometers in a leisurely 4.2 seconds making for a quiet and comfortable ride. 


With two riding modes, the iQube can change its riding characteristics via an economy and power mode. As is the case with most modern electric vehicles, the iQube comes with regenerative braking to help maximize its range, especially in long descents. Maximum nighttime visibility is assured via a set of all LED headlamps, LED tail lamps, as well as an illuminating logo. The TVS iQube comes in just one color, white, and retails for ₹ 1,15,000. 

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