Folks, the fine people at Kussun Garage are back! This time, it isn’t a Honda Gyro pickup they’ve brought us. Instead, it’s a custom Honda Super Cub. This bad little dude comes complete with wider forks, big, fat, knobby tires, and a streamlined yet tough off-road character. The Hunter Cub may not be here yet, but if you had a custom Super Cub dual-sport like this, you wouldn’t even care! 

Best of all, to my mind, Kussun has taken their YouTube game up just one notch further as well. This isn’t just a build video, it’s a short film that tells a small story surrounding this build. While it’s certainly not necessary, it does add an extra layer of charm and polish to an already charming, fully-polished Super Cub build. Someone in the comments even mentioned that it put them in mind of what fellow custom builder TwinThing does, and I’m certainly not going to argue. 

Super Cubs aren’t the first thing you think of when you think of dual-sports, but this video shows that with skill, vision, and dedication, you, too can have the off-roading Super Cub of your dreams. Willingness and ability to add a wider swingarm, as well as cut and weld the rear fender to fit a nice, fat 17-inch wheel with a knobby tire also helps. To do the front, you’re going to need a wider front fork, as well.  

Now, here’s where you get rewarded if you’ve been watching Kussun’s builds for just a little bit. Suspension mods, as you probably guessed, are clearly in order if you’re gonna take this Super Cub flying off the civilized comforts of winding asphalt. Enter the front suspension from … the Honda Gyro Canopy! You know, the one that magically turned into a tiny pickup truck! That’s why you label your parts and save them for a rainy day, because you never know when they’ll come in handy, guys! 

After some judicious front fork reinforcement, it’s ready to go on the newly bionic Super Cub. Well, no, I’m overstating it a bit, but it definitely has greatly enhanced abilities compared to its stock form. The subframe, side stand, and frame all undergo significant modifications. The muffler becomes a blacked-out dual straight-pipe affair. It doesn’t exactly sound menacing when you hear it later, but it definitely sounds meaner than it ever did back when this bike originally rolled off the line at Suzuka.  

To cap off a video that’s just about perfect, you get to see and hear this Super Cub in action. Just as you’d hope, it’s equally happy tearing up some trails and eating up the pavement to head in to work. Get you a little bear of a bike that can do both, if you can! Thanks for making my day yet again, Kussun Garage.  

Source: YouTube 

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