If you’re the kind of person who deals with stress best when you’re doing something, hello friend, you’re just like me. Going out for a nice ride is a great way to decompress as well, but since that’s off the table or at least very ill-advised for many of us right now, some of us are no doubt feeling as though we’re climbing the walls.  

Luckily, our pals over at TwinThing Custom Motorcycles know exactly what this feels like. One of the few good things to come out of this terrible situation is that an awful lot of us are going through it together, even if we’re all staying safely at home. Who better than a custom motorcycle shop that makes amazing short films to express how an awful lot of us are feeling right now?  

The short starts with our main character aimlessly watching some TV … ertelly, I guess, since he’s clearly in the UK. Onscreen, the prime minister is stressing how everyone needs to stay safe by staying home. Sick of everything, our hero clicks off the TV and goes to read a book about lucid dreaming instead.  

An extremely vivid dream struggle ensues, wherein our hero tries his level best to get on his waiting Honda Rebel 450 and go for a ride. He fails and tries again several times, until at last, he cracks it. In this final extremely vivid dream, he’s flying along a winding road and through an abandoned countryside, just enjoying the beautiful day on his bike.  

I’ll be real honest with you here: it’s a gloomy, uninviting day outside here in Chicago as I write this. Days like today make it pretty easy to stay inside, which is probably for the best. It isn’t like I don’t have plenty of small but important tasks I could be doing to get my daily rider back together. It’s the days that look as lovely as the one in TwinThing’s dream that will be tougher to take. 

Still, most of us have probably had other times when we haven’t been able to ride. Our very own Justin is dealing with a broken foot right now. A few years ago, I had nerve surgery that meant I was off the bike for a few months. It’s not fun, but being creative and finding the best ways to guide yourself through it is all we can do, right?  

If you can’t go outside, go inside. It’s good advice, for now and for always. Thanks, TwinThing. 

Source: YouTube 

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