Sometimes, simple, clean custom builds are the best.

As Justin rightly pointed out, social distancing and motorcycles kind of go hand in hand. Maybe that isn’t the exact terminology we used before recently to discuss it—but as it turns out, the concept has been there all along. That goes for riding—and also for working on any bike projects you’ve had sitting around, collecting dust. Take this custom Honda CG 125cc from TwinThing Custom Motorcycles, for example. 

Plenty of custom motorcycles regularly come to life around the world, from yard builds to ones from fancy shops. Not all of them get short films made about them, and even fewer develop an entire story to go along with the build, breathing additional life into a unique custom creation. Enter ‘The Racer,’ a short film created by TwinThing to bring us all into the world of this particular CG 125. 

It’s honestly kind of weird at the moment to watch the main protagonist Harry show up and shake some guy’s hand. Still, for the majority of this video, Harry’s simply left to his own devices in a shed with some bike parts and tools. Who among us hasn’t done this exact thing? Heck, I’ll probably be doing it later today, only in a garage instead of a shed. It’s a good time. Why wouldn’t you want to do it? It’s soothing, and you have the satisfaction of easily seeing your progress most of the time.

At the end, Harry gets the bike together and takes it to race at a local Good Road™. I mean, you have to go for a test ride after you’ve done some work, right? The guy whose hand Harry shook told him he could have the bike if he put it together and raced it within a certain time limit, so the story was always gonna end this way.

For those unfamiliar, the CG125 is a popular learner bike in the UK, as well as a commuter bike in many other countries in the world. It’s a reliable, low-maintenance workhorse, but that definitely doesn’t mean that it can’t also be cool. TwinThing Custom Motorcycles proved that point quite eloquently with the elegant, minimalist design of this particular bike. 

By the way, this build is also available for sale, although the price isn’t currently listed on their website. If you’re interested, you may want to reach out to them for more info.

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