It goes without saying that motorcycles fall on the more dangerous side of personal transportation. What with the exposure to all the elements, road hazards, and the fact that these hunks of metal rely on only two wheels to remain upright. We’re all too familiar with being in a rather precarious situation whilst aboard our steeds, and yet we continue to ride our bikes to all sorts of different places. Why? I guess it’s simply because we’re passionate about motorcycles, or perhaps it’s the most efficient and affordable way to get around. In developing countries, especially in Asia, motorcycles are an essential tool for daily life for a large portion of the population.

Nonetheless there are always ways to mitigate the risks when riding our bikes, no matter the destination, and no matter our style of riding. Of course, chief among these would be riding properly and with the correct gear. Now, a video that has gone viral recently, shows what appears to be a Royal Enfield Classic (it's unclear whether it's a 500 or 350) being unloaded from a trailer. What follows is surely not something everyone would want to see, so viewer discretion is advised. 

From the get go, you can tell that what they’re attempting to do is extremely dangerous. Unloading the motorcycle off the top of a truck via a rather narrow and flimsy looking ramp, the descent looks to be at least ten feet high, maybe even more. As expected, things don’t turn out too well for the guy unloading the bike. Without any gear whatsoever, he attempts to roll the bike off the ramp. Less than a quarter of the way through, he and the bike both fall off the ramp with the bike appearing to have landed squarely on his back. The footage then shows the man briefly lying motionless, before being surrounded by onlookers. 

We certainly do hope that the guy is alright, but from the looks of it, he may need to find a new job. I’m certain the soon to be owner of that bike, or the owner of the dealership it was about to be delivered to, isn't too happy about this. Always remember: you can never be too careful out there. Stay safe, everyone. 

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