There are tons of great options if you want to go off-roading on an appropriate bike. Would it be as much fun as taking some friends and a pack of Honda Cubs to hit the trails? I think the definitive answer is NO, as you’ll soon see in this completely delightful video.  

A YouTuber called zeze NoPro seems to love doing exactly that: getting a group of his friends together on some Cubs to go explore trails, somewhere in Greece. There’s dirt, and ruts, and trees, and greenery, and puddles deep enough to nearly swallow these dudes and their Cubs whole.  

Most importantly of all, the guy is laughing his head off the entire time. He is clearly living his best life out here on his wildly inappropriate tiny steed, each and every time he and his friends go out. His entire channel is stocked with videos either riding the tiny spokes off of C50s and C90s, or else wrenching on said Cub den. Clearly, this guy loves his Cubs, and to be honest, I totally want one now.  

Sure, you could toss a dedicated trailie in the back of your truck or on a trailer, or you could get an enduro, but all of that is beside the point. There’s a pure, elemental joy to doing something completely ridiculous with your friends. Knowing that everyone has a few basic hand tools and enough knowledge to do roadside repairs when you inevitably break stuff, because that’s part of the experience, too.  

Sometimes you just want to get from point A to point B with as little fuss as possible. Other times, you want a whole experience. That, my friends, is the stuff you tell stories about years down the line. For better or for worse, it isn’t always about the things that go smoothly. Be honest: Will you remember those totally perfect, fuss-free days a year from now, or even a month from now?  

No, what you’ll remember is that one hilarious time Kostas almost got swallowed by the giant puddle and you had to help pull him out. That’s what you won’t edit out of your video, and what you’ll keep in your mind forever about that one hilarious day with your buddies back in 2018.  

Toward the end, zeze encounters an enduro rider who clearly doesn’t get it, and is all, “why don’t you just get an enduro bike?” The simplest, truest answer is because maybe not everyone measures fun the same way. 

Source: YouTube 

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