Turns out Ducatis can get dirty after all.

International borders have closed. Motorcycle adventurers are being told to stay home. In some cases, travelers who’ve already left home are being forced by authorities to shelter in place at rental properties in the countries they’re visiting. Overall, it’s a bad time to be a rider with a lust for adventure travel. 

YouTube’s here to help! There’s still fresh ADV travel content being posted daily, including this piece from Ducati’s marketeers, following a Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro and a Multistrada 950 S across Australia. 

You could cynically reject this as an effort to help the wire-wheeled Multis lose their reputation as jacked-up superbikes that are poorly-suited to the rigors of adventure riding. The new Multistrada models really have seen a transformation, however, just like the love interest at the ending of a rom-com. The Multis will probably never have the cred of the BMW GS lineup, but they have come a long way from their asphalt-only origins. 

Outside of the obvious promotional footage, this is a great look at a ripping fun adventure through the back paths of Australia. The film follows Luca Viglio (riding since age 14, with off-road experience in cars and on bikes that includes the Dakar rally, Pharaohs rally, and three International Six Days Enduro runs) and Andrea Terragni (experienced traveler, who’s ridden more than 40 countries around the world). They ride through small towns that look straight out of Mad Max (with no sightings of the Toecutter, alas!). When they get out of town, it’s the stuff that ADV riders dream of. 

“The nature of the Australian forest, sun-drenched deserts, endless beaches, kangaroos, crocodiles and parrots are the perfect setting for two bikers and their motorcycles, capable of performing magic and turning the road into a journey, reads the poetic YouTube description.  

Sign us up! Too bad it’s basically impossible to fly anywhere right now, especially Australia. Sooner or later, the world will re-open for adventure travel, but videos like this will have to suffice for now. 

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