What's your favourite CB650R custom?

Big motorcycle rallies? Canceled. The Isle of Man TT, MotoGP, World Superbike? Canceled. Working on custom bikes in your garage? Not canceled. Even if the coronavirus pandemic has shut down almost everything else, the Honda Garage Dreams contest is back for 2020.  

The Garage Dreams contest sees owners modifying a Honda motorcycle in a build-off, with the customization work battling it out over the Internet until fans pick a winner. In the first competition, which ended in 2019, the builders modified Honda CB1000R naked bikes. For this year’s contest, the builders customized the Honda CB650R. 

The CB650R is less powerful than the 1000 version, but it’s still a good-looking bike. It has an interesting Blade Runner aesthetic, with a set of beautiful downswept headers thrown in for a throwback reference to the 70s-era CB400/4Most of the customs had a cyberpunk look, and didn’t reference the days of disco, but a couple builders went for retro flair. 

In all, 38 builders participated in this year’s build-off, with a budget of maximum 2,000 Euros for parts and accessories, and another 2,000 Euros for the paint job. The bikes were photographed and displayed at the Revival Café in Madrid, SpainOnce the winner is chosen, it will be unveiled on May 4. You’ve only got the next few days to vote. 

Like the first competition, the current Honda Garage Dreams contest is running through Big Red’s Spanish and Portuguese dealers. Anyone can vote, but you’ll probably need to speak Spanish or Portuguese to really make sense of the process. If you can’t speak either language, you can just check out the lineup of customized bikes here. If you can decipher the website, you can also start the voting process at that site. You can also find photos of the bikes on the contest’s Instagram page. 

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