How well will you do?

Since we’re all scrambling for something to do while we're at home, we decided to up our entertainment game by offering you our first (and maybe last) RideApart Super Motorcycle Quiz. It's time to challenge your knowledge of the motorcycle industry by correctly answering these 28 questions about 2020 news and models. 

Here’s a hint: you’ll find all the answers somewhere on RideApart. Or on Google, but that’s cheating. We don’t like cheaters.  

We don’t have any prizes for the winners but you will get bragging rights. Share your score in the comments, we want to know how well you did to help us figure out how much Whiskey we'll have to give director Jason. 



Summary Of The Questions

  1. What's particular about the Kawasaki Z H2’s engine?
  2. The 2021 BMW R18 features the manufacturer’s biggest ______ engine.
  3. What’s the nickname of the 1990s dual-sport model that inspired the new Suzuki V-Strom 1050's design?
  4. Which Harley-Davidson model celebrated its 30th anniversary this year?
  5. What 2020 Honda adventure model increased in displacement and decreased in weight for 2020?
  6. What is the Honda CBR1000RR-R also known as?
  7. Which manufacturer is releasing a 1250cc adventure bike later this year?
  8. What middleweight Yamaha ADV is finally available in North America for 2020?
  9. What emissions standards are manufacturers trying to delay in Europe?
  10. With what new frame-mounted fairing bagger is Indian challenging the Harley-Davidson Road Glide?
  11. Which electric motorcycle company launched its first fully-faired sportbike in 2020?
  12. What Canadian electric motorcycle features adjustable ergonomics?
  13. What expression does KTM use to refer to the new 890 Duke R?
  14. With what Indian giant has KTM teamed up with to expand its reach?
  15. What is the new Energica streetfighter called?
  16. What famous vintage motorcycle maker teamed up with Aston Martin to release an extremely limited-edition motorcycle?
  17. The off-road version of what best-selling motorcycle model was released in March 2020?
  18. Which motorcycle manufacturer was involved in a pension scandal early in the year?
  19. How many cylinders does the new Kawasaki ZX-25R have? 
  20. What rebooted Czech motorcycle marque stumbled into 2020 as a huge comedy of errors?
  21. What Ducati model is next in line to receive the V4 treatment?
  22. What motorcycles did duo McGregor and Boorman use in their latest worldly adventure?
  23. What famous rally was won by an American for the first time in the motorcycle class in 2020?
  24. What is the name of Husqvarna’s first big-displacement adventure model?
  25. What version of the FTR 1200 has Indian launched for 2020?
  26. What ultra-premium version of the Panigale V4 has Ducati unveiled at the beginning of the year?
  27. What legendary Aprilia dual-sport was teased at EICMA 2019?
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