Racing gamesespecially motorcycle racing games, are extremely hard to get right. Developers need to walk a fine line between difficulty and fun, simulation and fantasy, and they have to get it right in one to please the fickle, pedantic nerds discerning gamers who make up the racing game fanbase. There are way more good auto racing games out there than there are bike racing games, unfortunately. Thankfully, with the release of TT Isle of Man—Ride on the Edge 2, gamers and riders alike have one more title that falls squarely in the "good bike racing games" column.

Released in March of 2020, TTIoMRotE2(OMGWTFBBQ... man that's an awkward name) was developed by KT Racing and produced by Bigben Interactive. It's a sequel (natch) to 2017's TT Isle of Man—Ride on the Edge, a game that reviewers considered a mostly solid game with very marked handling and physics flaws. This new game seeks to fix those problems and improve on all the good things that players liked about RotE 1, and it seems to have succeeded.

Now, I'll let you in on a secret here. I suck at racing games. Not only am I bad at them, but I also don't have a good enough controller to really control whatever I'm racing (more on that later). I played a few hours and never got beyond the first championship series. Hell, I never even got a look at the actual TT course because I couldn't race well enough to get out of Ireland. That said, in what playtime I got I was suitably impressed with the game.

Final verdict? TT Isle of Man—Ride on the Edge 2 is beautiful and exhilarating, terrifying and frustrating, and I really dug it. Overall, I give it a B-: It's a stunning technical achievement and it's fun as hell, but the music is terrible and there are some glaring flaws—neutered Free Roam mode especially—that I just couldn't get over. Also, shame about that name.

Game: TT Isle of Man—Ride on the Edge 2

Platforms: PS4, XBox One, PC

Reviewed On: PC

Grade: B-

MSRP: $39.99

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