Visibility is key for a rider’s safety, but their visibility to other drivers on the road is just as important. Those that want to increase their visibility on the roadways tend to outfit their rigs with auxiliary lights but additional wiring and mounting can become a headache. For that reason, Denali Electronics launched the plug-n-play CANsmart controller for use with the company’s numerous lighting accessories on KTM models.

Previously released for Harley-Davidson and BMW models, the Denali CANsmart controller works with CANbus-equipped KTMs ranging from the 790 Duke to the 1290 Super Adventure. Denali’s plug & play unit easily connects to the motorcycle’s battery and diagnostic ports, enabling the rider to control up to two independent LED light sets through KTM’s stock handlebar switches. While the controller touts on the fly dimming, Denali also offers CANsmart accessory software that allows owners to customize the controls of the four accessory circuits. 

Totalling 35 programmable accessory settings, the controller is compatible with Denali driving lights, DRLs, SoundBomb horns, B6 brake lights, and other third-party accessories. Riders can sync the high/low beam on D7 2.0 auxiliary lights to the factory high/low beam settings and the DM 2.0 LED pods to flash along with the stock KTM indicators. For added safety, the CANsmart controller offers a modulate lights mode, a flash to pass setting, and a strobe/horn combination to get the attention of fellow motorists. 

In addition to the flexibility and functionality on the front-facing lights, Denali equipped the controller with “Smart Brake” technology. The CANsmart unit not only senses brake lever actuation but engine braking as well, activating the brake light upon deceleration to give riders a split-second advantage. To make sure those following close behind heed your warning, Denali also allows riders to set the B6 brake light to four different flash modes. 

Lastly, when the CANsmart controller is flipped into the accessory circuit option, it can power other electronics such as mobile phones, GPS units, and heated gear. Along with the previously mentioned KTM models, the CANsmart is also available for the 1290 Duke and 790, 1090, 1190 Adventure. If you’re looking for a way to improve your visibility on the road and your visibility to other motorists, Denali’s new CANsmart controller may be one of the most comprehensive and hassle-free options available.

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