Speed: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the custom garage Matteucci. Its continuing mission: to explore strange, new builds. To seek out new bikes, and new configurations. To boldly build what no one has built before. Friends, this is the Triumph Star Track, and it is totally ready to explore the universe—one dirt track at a time. 

Most people probably don’t see a Speed Triple and automatically think flat track, but that’s what customizing is for. Also, most of us aren’t Marco Matteucci. He doesn’t consider himself a mechanic—just an enthusiast who loves taking motorcycles he sees and making his visions come to life. With a graphic design and photography background, attention to detail is everything for Matteucci. That comes through loud and clear on Star Track, as well as any other of his builds you care to peruse.

Gallery: Matteucci Garage Star Track

Star Track started life as a 2000 Triumph Speed Triple 955i. Then Matteucci carefully molded it into a bike you could easily picture a young Captain Kirk riding, tearing up some Iowa cornfields. I’m specifically talking about Chris Pine in the JJ Abrams reboot, because that’s what this bike’s styling says to me. You, of course, may disagree at your leisure.

It’s the small touches that charm, like the beautifully stitched saddle and the taillights crafted to echo the lines of the NCC-1701’s warp nacelles. While the inspiration for this composition is incredibly clear, it’s very much its own creation, and the result is completely out of this world. 

This bike, like everything Matteucci builds, is a labor of love that’s crafted by hand in his spare time. It’s not his job—it’s his passion, and it shows. According to him, he doesn’t necessarily know where each path will lead him when he starts a project but is content to follow his vision and see where each unique path takes him and his bike. Maybe dreams are the real final frontier. 

Sources: Matteucci Garage, Facebook

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