In an industry first, Triumph Motorcycles is partnering with geolocation app “What3Words” and integrating it into the location technology of the MyTriumph app. The “What3Words” app is an easy way to find any specific location in the world using just three words.

How does it work? Every 3-meter square of the world (that’s 57 trillion squares) has been assigned a three-word code. These three words are combinations of just 40,000 dictionary words and are much easier to remember and communicate than a series of 16 numerical digits. The data is accessible to anyone with the what3words or, now, the MyTriumph app. If you want to navigate to a place and don’t have a reliable street address, how do you find it, even with a GPS? Where numerical geo coordinates can be tricky to use, and street addresses are often quite vague, the What3Words data is precise down to a 32 square foot plot, which is about nine feet per side—about half the size of a standard parking space.

The MyTriumph app integrates that location data and allows users to navigate to any spot in the world with its three-word code. You don’t need to know how to spell the name of the town where you’re going, or remember whether the address your friend gave you is on Elm “Street” or “Road” or “Avenue,” or rely on vague instructions once you’re in the area. Heck, you can get as specific as a room in a building, or a particular park bench at a scenic overlook. This is, necessarily, a major simplification. Within the MyTriumph app, you can share this location code with friends, navigate there, or just identify a place on Earth more easily, and display it on your Triumph motorcycle’s TFT screen. 

The what3words information is available within the MyTriumph app in 35 languages. Triumph Motorcycles CEO Nick Bloor said; “The Triumph brand and our riders seek adventure and this new collaboration with what3words allows our riders to explore the world with ease. We’re excited to be the first motorcycle brand to feature what3words, providing precise, easy to use navigation.”

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Triumph riders can now explore the world with what3words

Triumph offers riders the opportunity to discover extraordinary rides and a new generation of connectivity as the first motorcycle brand to introduce what3words navigation 

  • Exciting collaboration between Triumph and what3words
  • First motorcycle brand to feature what3words via the My Triumph app
  • Precise, easy to use navigation

London, Monday 10th February 2020, 09:00 GMT: In the true spirit of adventure and innovation, Triumph has teamed up with what3words to introduce the location technology to the My Triumph Connectivity System. 

The iconic British brand is the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to feature what3words location technology via the My Triumph Mobile App and TFT instrument pack, enabling riders to identify, share and navigate to any precise location in the world using just three words.  

what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. The location technology company has divided the world into 3m squares, and given each one a unique what3words address made up of three words from the dictionary.

From the city streets to the most unforgiving trails or mountainous passes, Triumph models are built and designed for exploring the world, with state-of-the-art technology to provide riders with the ultimate connectivity, capability and comfort. 

Integrating what3words into the Bluetooth-compatible My Triumph Mobile App means that Triumph riders can use the what3words function of the app to navigate the world more easily and to meet friends in places without addresses such as scenic roadside viewpoints or meeting places. 

Nick Bloor, CEO at Triumph Motorcycles commented; “The Triumph brand and our riders seek adventure and this new collaboration with what3words allows our riders to explore the world with ease. We’re excited to be the first motorcycle brand to feature what3words, providing precise, easy to use navigation.” 

Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words, added that “the addition of what3words navigation to the iconic British brand Triumph Motorcycles is an important first for us. what3words addresses are easier to remember than a postal address and can be shared more accurately than any other location reference system, which makes it an ideal navigation solution for the adventurous motorcyclist.”

The what3words feature is available for input into the My Triumph Mobile App in 35 languages. 

You can watch a video about what3words and Triumph here.


Additional Facts on Triumph:

  • First established in 1902, Triumph Motorcycles celebrated 117 years of motorcycle manufacture in 2019. For more than three decades, Triumph Motorcycles has been based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, and has produced iconic bikes that perfectly blend authentic design, character, charisma and performance. 
  • Building around 65,000 bikes per year, Triumph is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer and has around 650 dealers across the world.
  • This focus, innovation and engineering passion has today created a broad range of bikes suited to all motorcycle riders, including the stunning new Rocket 3 R and GT, the new higher performance Thruxton RS and Street Triple 765 RS, the iconic  Scrambler 1200 XC and XE, the epic Speed Triple, the class defining all-new Tiger 900 and transcontinental Tiger 1200. The Modern Classic Triumph Bonneville family includes the stunning Speed Twin, Bonneville Bobber, accessible Street Twin, Street Scrambler and the iconic Bonneville T120 and T100, many of which are available in an accessible A2 licence-compliant form. 
  • Triumph currently employs around 2,000 personnel worldwide and has subsidiary operations in the UK, North America, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Sweden (Scandinavia), Benelux, Brazil, India, Thailand, and China, as well as a network of independent distributors. Triumph has manufacturing facilities in Hinckley, Leicestershire, and Thailand plus CKD facilities in Brazil and India.
  • The Triumph Moto2™ 765cc race engine is a development of the class-leading Street Triple RS 765cc road motorcycle engine, producing more than 140PS with the same visceral soundtrack.
  • The Triumph Bonneville, famously named to celebrate Triumph’s 1956 land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, was the original British superbike and a race-winner straight out of the crate, chosen by famous motorcyclists of the past for its legendary handling, style, and character. It’s that handling, character and style, married to modern rider-focused technology that makes the new Bonneville family THE authentic modern classic choice today.
  • Triumph has a glorious racing history, competing in and winning races in almost every class and field of motorcycle sporting achievement, from winning the second ever Isle of Man TT in 1908, through to 1960s road and track domination in Europe and America, right up to contemporary racing achievements with the 675cc Triumph triple powered 2014 Daytona 200 win, the 2014 Isle of Man Supersports TT win, the 2014 and 2015 British Supersports titles and World SuperSport racing, and again this year, with another victory at the Isle of Man Supersports TT, piloted by Peter Hickman. And of course with the new generation 765cc triple engine powering the 2019 Moto2™ championship, Triumph’s racing legend continues. Triumph powered Moto2™ to 14 new race lap records, 12 outright circuit records and 18 top speeds from 19 races in 2019, including the first ever 300+kmh top speed for a Moto2™ machine


About what3words

Co-founded in London in 2013 by Chris Sheldrick, what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. The system covers the entire world, never needs updating, and works offline. A what3words address is a human-friendly way to share very precise locations with other people, or to input them into platforms and machines such as autonomous cars or e-commerce checkouts. It is optimised for voice input and contains built-in error prevention to immediately identify and correct input mistakes.

The free what3words app, available for iOS and Android, and the online map enable people to find, share and navigate to 3 word addresses in 40  languages to date. A 3 word address in one language can be switched instantly into any other supported language, and even looked up in one language and shared in another. what3words can be easily integrated by businesses, governments and NGOs into apps, platforms or websites, with just a few lines of code, and products are available for free or for a nominal fee for qualifying NGOs. Its partners include Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Domino’s Pizza, Lonely Planet, Airbnb and Cabify.

what3words has a team of over 120 people, across offices in London, UK, San Francisco, USA, Johannesburg, ZA and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The company has raised over £40 million in capital from investors such as Intel, Aramex, Deutsche Bahn, SAIC and the Sony Investment Fund. what3words is used in 193 countries in the world. Thousands of businesses are using millions of 3 word addresses to save money, be more efficient and provide a better customer experience.

Find your 3 word address here.

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