Good news if you're in Florida or Texas!

If you don’t live in the cold, snowy, northern climes of the US, you might not be getting as itchy to ride as we are up here. Still, if you’re further south and you love Team Green (or doing demo rides in general), you’ll be happy to learn that the 2020 Kawasaki Good Times Demo Tour may be rolling into a dealership near you very soon!

KGTDT (say that five times fast) has demo events scheduled from the end of January through the beginning of April. While it looks like the Demo Tour of Florida and Texas right now, as there are only two dates on the calendar that aren’t in those two states, here’s hoping that future events happen elsewhere in the US as it gets warmer. We’re also not sure why there are no California dates listed, but hopefully, additional dates will be added in the future.

Anyway, a demo truck event is only as good as the bikes onboard. Here’s what Kawasaki says will be on its truck for 2020. Please keep in mind that bikes are subject to change without notice.

  • Ninja 400
  • Ninja 650 
  • Ninja ZX-6R
  • Versys 650
  • Versys 1000 SE LT +
  • Vulcan S
  • W800
  • Z125 PRO
  • Z400
  • Z650
  • Z900
  • Z900RS

Now that you know what bikes you can potentially take for a spin, here are the dates and locations:

You’ll need a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement, closed-toe shoes, helmet, jacket, gloves, and long pants to ride at any of these demo events. Shoes and pants are not provided on-site, but you may be able to borrow some other gear at the event on your demo day. You must also pass a Breathalyzer and sign a waiver to ride. The first event is this weekend, so get ready if you’re near Montgomery, Alabama!

Source: Kawasaki