While time management and multitasking are important skills in the modern world, there are some activities you should never combine. These include bathing and riding a motorcycle. It may seem obvious, but two Vietnamese men did it anyway, and are paying the price after police tracked them down through a Facebook video.

The video shows two shirtless men riding a scooter with a large bucket of water on the seat between them. The passenger uses a smaller bucket to pour water over both of them as they ride down the road to the accompaniment of maniacal laughter. There appears to be a case of beer on the seat in front of the rider as well, which may have something to do with the activity captured in the video.

Police, however, were not amused. They tracked down the license plate visible on the scooter in the video, identified Huynh Thanh Khanh as the squeaky clean rider, and brought him in for questioning. He and his unidentified passenger were fined the equivalent of $77.76 for riding without a license, riding without helmets, riding without rear-view mirrors, and riding without insurance. In addition, the owner of the scooter was fined $60.48 for lending the scooter to an unqualified rider. (Perhaps they should have also been fined for shooting vertical video.)

Since the charges were made days after the video was posted, there was no way to confirm whether the men were intoxicated at the time this occurred. It seems strange that the bathing didn't enter into the charges, but perhaps Vietnam has no laws specifically against bathing while riding. Perhaps after this incident, there will be. As it is, it seems that the police threw the book at them for everything they could. Though it may be funny to watch, it's also dangerous, unsafe, and should never be done. Ever.


Sources: BBCTuoi Tre NewsGiao Thông / Facebook

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