You may not have known it, but an epic journey across the 48 contiguous United States began on September 7, 2019. Project Create 48 is the brainchild of Michael Reid and Yonatan Belik, two riders who are taking their 50cc scooters for an approximately 9,000 mile journey. Their mission: the Guinness World Record for the longest journey by 50cc scooter. 

The journey started at Lansdale Bike Night, and will make a circuitous loop across 48 states to end in 86 days at Philadelphia Cycle Center in Pennsylvania. That is, of course, if everything goes according to plan. Reid and Belik know they can’t go faster than about 30 miles per hour, which is kind of the point—but that might not be the only challenge they face on their Honda Ruckuses.

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Can their engines take it? Are they planning to wrench on their bikes roadside if anything goes wrong? Is there a support vehicle that can help? I have so many questions that unfortunately don’t seem to have answers. You can follow their journey live via Garmin InReach while it’s happening, though.

The duo are also recording videos with the people they meet along the way. They want to document their experiences and show both the world and themselves that we all do better when we get to know each other. That’s why Reid and Belik are riding 150 miles a day through the unseen parts of the US—to help tell a whole lot of stories from people who might not usually get to tell them. 




With that in mind, the Ruckuses might just be the perfect machines for the job. I mean, speed clearly isn’t the point, so the duo have plenty of time to look around them and find interesting people and places to check out along the way. Also, those scoots are natural conversation starters! It kind of sounds like a blast, and we here at RideApart wish them a most excellent journey.

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