While everyone’s getting excited about the Panigale V4 2020 and/or the upcoming Ready 4 Red events that are hitting the east coast of the US soon, Ducati just doesn’t let up. On January 27, 2020, Ducati will unveil its new Scrambler 1100 Pro and Sport Pro models in beautiful Miami, Florida. 

Upon seeing the video above, some have questioned whether it’s even real. It might look and sound like a Ducati teaser video if you’re familiar with such things—but some thought it might be a fake. After all, they reasoned, it’s not posted on an official Ducati account. 

Except that it was posted to an official Ducati account. Here’s the original post, on the official Ducati Scrambler Instagram feed. 




The MotorcyclesDreams YouTube channel evidently uploaded it to their account to share since it wasn’t already on YouTube. Mystery solved. 

This video, however, is just where Ducati’s teaser fun starts. Since the brand prides itself on knowing its audience, it’s clearly appealing to existing Scrambler fans to do their thing and tell everyone about the new Pros that are coming. To facilitate this, there are also four additional IG teaser shots of the new 1100s. Over on Ducati’s Facebook, there’s a fifth teaser image.

Gallery: 2020 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro and Sport Pro Teasers

All these teasers give tantalizing glimpses, but no real information about to expect—this is textbook Ducati (if such a thing existed), right here. Bennetts writer Ben Purvis noted some slight tweaks that are likely Euro5 compliance measures in the Pros’ EU type-approval documents. 

In our final week of speculation about what the new 1100 Pros will be like, there’s a definite question of whether they’ll stay the previous Scrambler 1100 course, or offer more genuine off-road excitement. They could conceivably be catering to both types of rider since two different Pros are currently on the horizon.

Whatever the realities are, we’ll find out for sure on Monday, January 27.

All photos from Ducati Instagram and Facebook pages 

Sources: Instagram, Facebook

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