Who wins? We all do.

It always starts out so innocently. You’re hanging out with your friends, maybe after a long ride, just chilling. Maybe you’re drinking a tasty, refreshing beverage of your choice, and maybe enjoying some snacks. Suddenly, one of you comes up with a brilliant and completely terrible idea. “Hey, I know. Let’s do a tug-of-war with our bikes. What do you say?” There’s always that one friend. You know the one. We all have that friend. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

We’ll never know exactly who came up with this idea, but that’s the headcanon we’ve accepted for how this video of a Yamaha FZ taking on a Hero Splendor in an epic sand-based tug-of-war contest came to be. In the video, two ropes with a small amount of stretch are tied between the two bikes. They then try to pull each other apart and seem pretty evenly matched in power at first. 

The ropes don’t appear to be full-on bungees, but there’s definitely more stretch in play than some regular twine. We don’t get the tiny 149cc FZ on U.S. shores, and while Hero is India’s biggest motorcycle seller by volume, we don’t get those here, either. Hero was briefly involved with EBR before that particular Erik Buell dream collapsed, and its wholly-owned North American subsidiary, HMCL, was officially dissolved in October 2019—so we’re unlikely to see the Splendor or any other Heros here any time soon.

What are the most hilariously bad ideas you and your friends have ever come up with on your bikes? Did they involve ropes and sandpits to test either stock or modded power output? Who needs a dyno when you have a rope and two friends who are game, amirite? Very clearly, this is the way. So say we all. 

Source: YouTube 

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