The list of reasons not to ride a motorcycle is long. Aside from the inherent dangers of the road, discomfort, expense, and limited carrying capacity also steer most people away from riding. On the other hand, motorcyclists do reap emotional and mental health benefits by throwing a leg over a bike. The folks at Tobacco Motowear Company are aware of this fact—among others. They want us to cast off our nihilistic ruminations and do something good with our free will (perceived or not) by riding a motorcycle.

Based in sunny Southern California, Tobacco Motowear Company specializes in kevlar protection jeans, waxed canvas jackets, and riding shirts for men and women. The American-made gear focuses on style and protection with D3O armor and Dupont Kevlar. 

Apparently, Tobacco MC does more than just selvedge jeans and vintage-style tees. The Motorcycles™ Rx - The Cure All video proves the AV team at the company has its own style. Playing on well-established prescription commercial tropes, Tobacco MC mixes dry humor, selective color grading, and tangential monologues on metaphysics to playfully illustrate the joy of riding. 

Sure, the cast hams it up, but that authenticity makes the video even more charming and relatable to those in the moto community. These people aren’t actors, they’re riders, and that means a lot to Tobacco MC’s audience. As they stated on the website, “Our viral videos are widely seen and shared across Facebook and Instagram and celebrate the irreverent, devil-may-care attitude of our community.”

Yes, the side effects listed in the video are quite modest. After all, I can think of a few more drawbacks that go beyond the dwindling hygiene and work truancy stated in the video. For instance, your partner/spouse haranguing you for spending all your money on mods, track fees, classes, gear, insurance, and generally “useless bike stuff”. I digress. 

Just rest assured that the next time someone gives you a list of reasons not to ride a motorcycle, send them this video. Maybe they’ll understand once they realize that riding a bike is on par with sex and tacos. 

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