While some custom shops like to keep the essence of the motorcycle they use as a base as part of their design, others like to transform the bike completely and create unusual shapes. Anything goes—that’s the beauty of motorcycle customization. In the case of Balinese shop Smoked Garage, the stunning designs elevate the bikes to new heights and some of its customs turn the motorcycle into an unrecognizable work of art. So, care to guess what’s under the blue and white sheet metal?

I spy with my little eye something British powered by an inline-three with a little Speed something something. Have you guessed yet? Did I hear Triumph Speed Triple? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. One of Smoked Garage’s latest projects dubbed Triumph Ghost might have started its life as a Speed Triple but it sure doesn’t look like one anymore. 

In case the look of the bike doesn’t make it obvious, the design is inspired by a jet engine. “This bike looks like it could contain a turbofan jet engine and burn aircraft fuel; it doesn’t,” is how Smoked Garage introduces the custom. The team did a fair bit of work on this Speed Triple. 

Smoked Garage Triumph Ghost Speed Triple Custom

The shop replaced the dual headlight with a single, round unit inserted into a custom-built racing cowl. The body of the bike is enclosed in a metal panel that merges with the gas tank, hiding the engine away from prying eyes. At the front of the jet-like compartment, two gigantic air ducts ensure the engine gets plenty of air. 

The team also rebuilt the rear portion of the frame to fit the new design. The saddle is also a custom design and so are the exhaust and the paint job. Under the sheet metal, the Speed Triple’s 1,050cc three-cylinder heart still beats and produces 131 horsepower and 78 lb-ft of torque. The shop swapped the suspension for a pair of Öhlins components and the Brembo brakes are mounted to the original Speed Triple’s wheels—the only remotely recognizable feature. 

The result is the sleek, minimalistic Triumph Ghost. I’m not sure why the Ghost nickname because, trust me, everyone can (and wants to) see it. 

Source: Smoked Garage

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