Yamaha really wants us to feel the power of the dark side with the release of two new accessories packages and a range of additional performance bits for the MT-125 and MT-03. Sadly for those of us in the US, these have only been announced for European release so far—but if you’re in that market, these new options look razor sharp. 

First, we’ll start with the cosmetic bits included in the MT-03 and MT-125 Sport Packs. Each includes a fly or sport screen, tidier license plate holder, engine protectors or radiator covers, tank pad, and LED blinkers. That old saying about the devil being in the details is right—Yamaha’s entire “Dark Side Of Japan” thing is on full display, even in these seemingly minor bits.

Gallery: Yamaha Europe MT-125 And MT-03 Accessories

Where it starts to get interesting is in the new, dark accessories offered. From Akrapovič exhaust options to blacked-out aluminum pegs and assorted bits crafted for maximum visual interest, your OEM options on these two tiny bikes just expanded in some very pleasing ways.

I’ve personally never loved the soft luggage that Yamaha has offered for its MT bikes, but it’s good to have those options because you’re not me, and you might find them useful. Even though these bikes are solidly aimed at A1 and A2 license holders in Europe, that certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of stuff you need to carry on your bike. 

Since we’re getting the MT-03 in the US as a 2020 model, could we maybe see some of this cool stuff reach our shores? I mean, anything’s possible, but there’s no official word to say either way at this point. 

What I’m really looking forward to is hearing what these Akrapovič pipes sound like, and if someone does some nicely-mic’d videos featuring these exhausts, I would certainly not be mad about it. Even if they never come here, I’m always happy to hear motorcycle ASMR and appreciate it from afar. 

Source: Yamaha Europe

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