Are you a Royal Enfield fan or owner? If you are, read this article with caution. The brand just launched a new online configuration tool on its Indian website, and it is very, very cool. The build tool is only available for customers in India, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t play around with it.

The feature is being slowly rolled out across the lineup, and as of November 20, is available for the Interceptor, Continental GT, Classic 350 and Classic 500. The configurator for the Bullet, Himalayan, and Thunderbird are “coming soon”.

The Classic 350 is the most complete set for the moment. As well as choosing from different color schemes it includes accessory exhaust pipes that the brand says are 100 percent legal in India. You can also add luggage, body trim, windscreens, different seats, and wheels.

Royal Enfield’s configurator is a great little feature for those of us who love making our bikes our own and will likely help drive sales of the company’s growing accessory directory. I’m a big fan of the retro luggage bags and the number boards. The tool also suggests add-ons that match each accessory you choose because, you know, always be hustling.

Everything is priced and here’s where it gets awkward. Those exhausts? They’re around 3,450 Indian Rupees. That’s only about $50. We imagine that might lead to some difficult conversations with Royal Enfield dealers in other countries, where shipping and overheads make those parts a good deal more expensive.

Enfield fans will have no doubt have fun playing with the tool but be warned: I got stuck in it for three hours already this morning, and I don’t even own a Royal Enfield. If you do own a Royal Enfield, and you live in India, you can configure your own bike and have it shipped directly to one of 141 dealers in six cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

What does your dream Royal Enfield look like?

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