The only way to find out is a race.

My favorite part of the Clarkson, Hammond, and May version of Top Gear was all the stupid races they'd have—a car, a bicycle, a boat, and public transportation across London, or a rally car versus a bobsled. This video by Sowman Films of New Zealand evokes these classic mismatched races, pitting a Mercedes E-Class against a pair of dirt bikes in the back of a Mitsubishi pickup truck.

The story revolves around the Maungatapu murders, a pair of gold rush related robberies that occurred in 1866. It occurred along the Maungatapu track, a trail often used by gold miners at the time to get over the mountain. Today the miners are long gone, but Matt and Kynan think they'd use motorcycles if they wanted to make the trip today. Ash disagrees. There's a road now, and although it's much longer to go around the mountain, he thinks it would be faster. The only way to settle this, of course, is to have a race, and hilarity ensues.

While the pair of riders drive to the end of the trail, Ash "steals" a Mercedes. Obviously this is staged, but so were a lot of things on Top Gear. Upon reaching the trail, things kind of fall apart for the bikes. They aren't all that efficient about unloading them from the truck. Then, Matt's Honda CRF720X refuses to start, although Kynan's KTM Freeride has no trouble. This whole time, Ash is making up time on the highway, though not as much as he'd like to be because of traffic.

Once the bikes are off, however, they set a fast pace as they take the short route, up and over the mountain, and right past Murderers' Rock where the robbery actually took place. With their massive delay getting the bike started, can they still beat the Mercedes? Watch the video to find out.

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