When you’re the kind of person who racks up over 52 British, World, ACU, FIM, and Guinness speed records, do you even know how to quit? Not if you’re Zef Eisenberg. Those records, you see, simply weren’t enough. At a ceremony at the Royal Automobile Club in London, Eisenberg took home the 2019 Simms Medal. 

For those unfamiliar, the Simms Medal isn’t awarded every year. In fact, the RAC wrote that it is “only awarded in years when the Club’s Dewar and Simms Technical Committee believe that there are contenders of sufficient merit. This is one such year.” 

Gallery: Zef Eisenberg Simms Medal Winner 2019

The award is named for accomplished British motoring pioneer Frederick Simms. Simms was responsible for bringing Gottlieb Daimler’s petrol engine to Britain in the late 1800s, and also co-designed the Simms-Bosch (yes, that Bosch) magneto electric ignition apparatus in the early 1900s. 

Past winners of the Simms Medal include: DeltaWing designer Ben Bowlby, Formula E car designers and producers Williams Advanced Engineering, and Ariel Atom designer Simon Saunders. 

“The Royal Automobile Club has celebrated many Land Speed Record holders over the decades, from Segrave to Cobb; Campbell, Noble, Green, Drayson and now Eisenberg who joins this illustrious list,” said Simms Medal Committee Chairman John Wood, MBE.  

He concluded, “All of [these people] have pushed the boundaries of technology whether it be petrol, diesel, steam, gas turbine to electric powered vehicles.” The Simms Medal recognizes “outstanding contributions to motoring innovation.” 




In a Facebook post, Eisenberg wrote, “When you get invited to the prestigious RAC club in London to be shortlisted for the Simms Award, it’s quite an honour. To actually win the award, amongst so many talented people, is beyond amazing and humbling…. A great day in so many ways.”

All resources being equal, a lot of us couldn’t or wouldn’t do what Eisenberg does. We need people like him to keep pushing and showing the rest of the world what’s possible.

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