There might not be a Multistrada V4 for 2020, but Ducati just unveiled what it hopes will be a fitting sendoff for ye olde twin. During its 2020 lineup announcement, the boys from Borgo Panigale unveiled the new Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour. You want every conceivable creature comfort while you’re out touring? You got it—but it’s going to cost you.

Standing under only the Pikes Peak in terms of pricing (at least in Europe), all those bells and whistles will run you a cool €22,490 MSRP (or US $25,038). Official North American pricing has not yet been announced. What, exactly, do you get for all those euros?

Gallery: 2020 Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour

Panniers, a tire pressure monitoring system, heated grips, fog lamps, a special GT saddle, a center stand, and an electric keyless gas cap all come as standard equipment. You also get a special exclusive matte livery on this edition. 

If you had previously been considering the regular 1260 S, the GT will cost an additional €1500 (or US $1670) for all those bonus bits. This not-inconsiderable bowl of tasty cherries sits atop the existing 1262cc Ducati Testastretta DVT engine you already know and love, with four ride modes to hopefully suit your every need. 

This bike is ready to go anywhere and do just about everything you ask of it, should you invite it into your home. As the cold weather and gorgeous color changes sweep over our land, throwing a leg over a saddle and riding away from our inevitable winter looks more and more attractive, I must admit.

What do you think? Will the 1260 S GT be enough to keep Multistrada fans engaged until next year, when the V4 should make its long-awaited debut? Is an electric hands-free gas cap too far over the line into self-parody, or is it a nice and overdue advance? 

Source: YouTube, Ducati

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