I’ll be honest, I get jealous of our fearless leader for getting motorcycles shipped to his home to review. That is my dream. Walking down my driveway to see a new motorcycle, all ready for me, full of fuel and ready for me to mangle with obtuse metaphors. When I dream of brand new bikes being shipped to my house, I tend to imagine them being already assembled, however.

YouTube reviewer Attention Deficit received a 2019 Brozz 250—a Chinese-made bike produced by a company called Bashan—that could probably best be described as “some assembly required”. Think of it like an IKEA motorcycle—broken down to flat pack for easy shipping and storage. So there are things to do like attaching the handlebars, headlight, rear shock, front wheel and brakes, and bodywork. All of it can be accomplished with a simple set of hand tools, and the dealership—a place out of Atlanta, Georgia, called Peace Sports, does have a tutorial video on their website. It’s nothing too crazy but it is definitely a process.

Deficit claims the Brozz sells for just $1,750, which does sound like a pretty impressive deal, but the dealer he purchased his from lists them for $2,499.99. That’s still about half the price of a 250cc dual-sport from the Japanese brands, but you have to weigh the cost savings of doing part of the assembly yourself. Well, that and Bashan being a bit of an unknown brand.

I know that some people have an inherent distrust of Chinese brands, and I understand that. I’ve worked in manufacturing before, and understand that quality control systems aren’t always the same from country to country. Some people have also been suspicious of the Indian built Royal Enfields, and I personally loved my (admittedly brief) time on those, so I’ll hold off judgement until I can see the product firsthand.

Would I ride a Chinese dual sport that I built out of a crate in my garage? Absolutely. Would I pay two and a half thousand dollars for that privilege? That’s a much more difficult question.

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