Gogoro just continues to push things forward with swappable battery tech in Taiwan. The company just made a quadruple announcement about improvements that Taiwanese customers can expect to start seeing as soon as October. Let’s dive in, and try not to get too jealous.

Firstly, we’ve shown you what a current Gogoro GoStation looks like. It’s a neat, inviting place to plug in your Gogoro battery when it needs more juice, and swap out for one that’s fully charged. Now, the company has introduced a new design for their GoStation 3 that reconfigures those battery slots to fit up to 50 percent more batteries into a space with a smaller overall footprint. The result is still incredibly pleasing to the eye and does not look crowded or cluttered. For those who like looking at well-organized things, it’s super enjoyable.

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To further increase available batteries for Gogoro customers, the company plans to introduce its new SuperGoStation mega-charger units in six locations across Taiwan by the end of 2019. These huge units, which Gogoro says can support up to 1,000 riders per location, also retain more than 200 kWh of energy per station. Taiwan is an island of nearly 24 million people, and scooters are everywhere—so this move makes absolute sense.

Gogoro is innovating on all fronts to improve the rechargeable, swappable battery experience for its customers. The newest version of Gogoro’s batteries provide 27 percent greater range than the previous ones. 

Finally, to make powering up via the Gogoro Network more affordable, the company is introducing Flex Plan pricing with Dynamic Discounts. Subscribers who take advantage of charging their batteries at off-peak times and/or in locations that receive less traffic will get a discount up to 20 percent off. A beta version of this plan will roll out in October, with the full Flex Plan to be available to Gogoro subscribers from 2020. 

It’s a multi-pronged approach to pushing the swappable battery conversation forward, and for such a scooter-centric country, it makes perfect sense. Now, if only we could get these kind of power moves happening for electric motorcycles, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that more people would be hopping onboard the e-moto train more quickly. 

Source: Gogoro

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