The world of fashion can be a fascinating one. Sometimes, it can also be downright scary. It looks like this year, big brands have been particularly inspired by the world of motorcycles. Think about the Forever21 Honda garment collection or the Chanel and Pharell Williams' partnership with Veldt to design a line of customizable motorcycle helmets. We get it: motorcycles are pretty rad and inspiring. We know, that’s why we ride them. 

But there’s something about people buying branded motorcycle-inspired clothes off the racks that is strangely reminiscent of someone wearing a Harvard sweater without having actually set foot in Boston. They look a bit like… what’s the word? Posers? If you didn’t think so until now, I have the perfect item to convince you otherwise. How do you feel about a $6,000 Ford motorcycle-style jacket designed by none other than Versace. 

If you believe that the only relevant reason we decided to cover this weird collection is to make fun of it, you’re entirely right. The jacket itself looks ok-ish if you’re into the whole racing slash sponsored aesthetic, aside from the gigantic blue oval on the stomach. 

Apparently the design was inspired by the excitement of buying your first car. Wait, what? I definitely wasn’t cool (or rich) enough to wear a Versace motorcycle leather jacket when I bought my first car… 

We get the whole "brands showing each other some marketing love" concept, but we’re genuinely curious to know how Ford inspired the designers to come up with a $6,650 motorcycle jacket. Maybe the hope here is that the people who will actually appreciate the jacket won’t know that Ford isn’t a motorcycle brand. 

And to make sure people know you’re in means, an embroidered Versace logo covers half of the right-hand sleeve. God forbid someone doesn’t notice it’s a Versace.  

The collection also includes a shirt and a pair of jeans obnoxiously and lazily branded with Ford’s oval everywhere respectively sold for $795 and $1,325. To quote one of the random badges stitched on the Ford jacket, “Sounds like bullsh*t to me”. 

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