I don’t know about you guys, but when I ride up in the mountains, I tend to suffer from mild spells of vertigo that force me to become extra cautious when tackling the outside line of unfenced bends. And that’s when I’m on the road. When you hit the trails up there, the risk becomes an actual one. This guy learned it the hard way. His day of off-roading got a whole lot worse before becoming better again. 

YouTuber Rick Hogge recently shared footage of his trek up the Schofield Pass in Colorado. For the first five minutes or so of the video, you get to enjoy a lovely first-person ride on a truly breathtaking trail as Hogge gradually makes his way through the mountain setting on his dirtbike. 

As he tackles a particularly rugged ridge, the front wheel of his bike got pushed to the side, causing his bike to fly the edge, the rider along with it. As Hogge himself puts it: “Riding a dirt bike across obstacles typically requires the rider to maintain momentum. As can be seen, I chose a riding line on the left as I thought it looked easier. I wasn't going quick enough and the front tire got kicked to the left which caused my throttle hand to twist and... well... you saw the rest.”

The “rest” is a few seconds of pure anxiety as he tumbles down the cliff and dives into the water basin at the bottom. If your day lacked excitement until now, this should make up for it. He eventually makes his way to the edge and manages to get out of the water. Hogge confirmed in the video description that he was unharmed in the fall—miraculously so.

Thankfully, he was ok and he had an entire crew around him to help him get back to civilization and eventually get the bike out of the water. The moment he fell must have been one of the most terrifying of his life, but now that this is all behind him, it makes one heck of a story to tell! 


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