Well that didn't go so well.

Next in line in our “People off-roading things they shouldn’t” series, we’re heading over to India, where someone decided to put their Royal Enfield Classic 350 in the dirt. I mean, they do end up making it to the top of the crest. Eventually. 

I’m liking people’s boldness and creativity more and more when it comes to taking things off the road. Your bike isn’t designed to hit the trails? The only thing keeping you from doing it anyway is your will to do so. That’s it. We’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff until now. In this video, a group of guys are going up a sandy trail on a few Royal Enfields, starting with the Himalayan. 

Now, you kind of expect the Himalayan to be there. Since its introduction, riders around the world have proven that the Indian ADV is quite the capable machine. But even the adventurer ends up with a wheel stuck in a deep, dusty rut at some point—it gives you an idea of the type of surfaces these guys are dealing with. 

It also gives you an idea of the type of challenge the two guys who follow are putting themselves through, because they’re not straddling Himalayans. They are instead trying their luck going uphill on a loose surface on a pair of Royal Enfield Classic 350. Things go exactly as you expect them to. If the Himalayan got stuck, imagine what happens with a Classic.

There’s a lot of getting stuck and pushing involved. While the Classics sport some pretty aggressive crash bars, they’re running on standard street tires. I’m not saying that knobbies would necessarily have created a miracle, but it wouldn’t have made things worse either. You can clearly see the lack of grip when the wheels spin and slide in the sand. 

Ultimately, it seems like everyone makes it to the top. At least, the way back down should be easier.

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