It’s not too late for summer camp, everyone. Thanks to Valentino Rossi’s partnership with Dainese, you have an opportunity to spend an afternoon at Rossi’s own ranch.

The included Champions Training Camp features racers Luca Marini and Franco Morbidelli. Dubbed the V46 Ranch Experience, Dainese is offering this as an epic single-day racing experience with Valentino Rossi and his staff. But that’s not all.

Attendees will gather at their hotel in Cattolica, Italy on the night of September 27, and wake in the morning to attend an informative group stop at the Marco Simoncelli museum in Coriano, Italy. After a tour of the galleries of memorabilia and photos, the tour will move on to the headquarters of  Valentino Rossi’s very own company, VR46.

After these tours, everyone will travel to Rossi’s ranch in his hometown of Tavullia, just outside of Pesaro, Italy. Here, he will host a luncheon for everyone before the Champions Training Camp begins.

With hosts Luca Marini and Franco Morbidelli, the Champions Training Camp guests are afforded an inside line through a “dedicated session on the secrets and tips of professional rider training.” Note, this is classroom time.

After that session, guests will then get trackside seating to attend a flat-track session led by Vale himself, with his “Champions of the VR46 Academy.” During that training session, guests will be able to see and listen to The Doctor’s advice and feedback to his racers-in-training, real time, in person.

Lest you think this is any kind of rider training camp: it isn’t. It’s purely for fans who want to experience all things Rossi. You will never hop on a motorcycle or get on a track, but you will watch really good riders practicing. You’ll get to hear what a good rider coach tells those under his tutelage. You’ll see The SIC museum and get a tour of Rossi’s own company. You’ll have to save your own riding for the next day, though.

The package will cost you $890 US without airfare, but that includes:

  • September 27 hotel stay
  • September 27 dinner
  • Marco Simoncelli Museum Visit
  • VR46 company HQ visit
  • Ranch entry
  • September 28 lunch at the Ranch
  • Champions Training Camp
  • VR46 and Academy’s training session attendance (as audience)

For all of the information and to sign up, visit the Dainese Experience website

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Valentino Rossi Invites You For A Lunch And Training At His Famous Ranch VR46

Dainese Adds A New Chapter To The Experience Project: The VR46 Ranch Experience, An Unforgettable Day In Tavullia With Rossi

Vicenza, 30 August 2019. Valentino Rossi’s Ranch, the legendary place where tomorrow’s champions train, will open its doors just for one day, giving the possibility to participate to the Champions Training Camp with Luca Marini and Franco Morbidelli. A one-of-a-kind opportunity, exclusively offered by Dainese, to participate in a unique motorcycling experience, history, and dirt track training with the Doctor and his staff.

After a successful Riding Masters in Misano and Franciacorta, and an unforgettable Weekend Master Mugello and the Expedition Master Iceland, Dainese adds a new chapter to the Experience project: the VR46 Ranch Experience, an unforgettable day in Tavullia.

The Dainese VR46 Ranch Experience will start on the evening of 27th September. The meeting point is directly at the hotel where participants will spend the night before the day at the Ranch.

The Experience will begin on 28th September, with the visit at the Marco Simoncelli Museum in Coriano, a place that gathers emotions and memorabilia of the 2008 250cc World Champion. Through a gallery of unpublished photos, original motorcycling gear and motorbikes, visitors will have the chance to travel through the career of the rider who still holds a special place in people’s hearts. The second stop of the day will be at the Headquarters of VR46, the company founded by Valentino Rossi.

Guests will have the chance to have lunch at the Ranch, the fabulous track located in the hills of Marches. Afterwards, Luca Marini and Franco Morbidelli will hold the Champions Training Camp, a dedicated session on the secrets and tips of professional riders’ training.

The main event of the day will be in the afternoon, when the champions of the VR46 Riders Academy, led by mentor Valentino Rossi, will turn on their engines and get on the track for their training. Guests will attend the flat track session and listen to the Doctor’s advice and feedbacks, to complete an afternoon of professional training

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