Whether you like motorcycle racing or not, but I think we can all admit that guys dragging the knee sometimes at speeds of 100+mph is pretty darn impressive. These guys train like madmen on the track and in the gym to stay on top of their games. Some of those training sessions are a little more, let’s say unusual than others. What can I say? I will never not find mini bikes funny.

Famous MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi’s team recently posted a video of one of the champion’s “workout” sessions. Forget the gym selfies and deadlifts: Rossi headed out to the Galliano Park track with a mini bike to get a few drags in. Hilarity ensues.

There’s just something about a grown-up, 6-feet tall man crouched on a miniature bike that compares to nothing else in the world. Suited up in his number 46 blue and yellow leathers and helmet, the Doctor eats up the bends like it’s nobody’s business, his knees bent apart, sticking out on each side like graceful, track-racing butterfly wings. He’s dangerously close to the Russian bear on a circus tricycle analogy.  

Thanks to a GoPro and some clever camera work, we get to follow Rossi as he tackles the mini moto track’s mini curves. As funny as it is, there’s also something incredibly satisfying about watching him follow his lines, hit the apexes, and smoothly rock the tiny bike from left to right. It makes you wonder whether he’s having more fun on his Monster Energy Yamaha or on this pint-sized motorcycle. Probably the latter—there’s no Marquez or Dovizioso to get all up in his business and make him work for it.

You deserve a break, so enjoy this high-octane, low displacement one-minute video of the Dottore in his element, showing us how it’s done, even on a bike as big as a beagle.

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