In July 2019, Triumph officially unveiled the 2020 Rocket 3. After months of lead up, including leaked photos and a TFC edition that stoked the flames of speculation, Triumph announced not one but two versions of the 2.5L bruiser. Packing on extra muscle and simultaneously shedding weight, the new platform is more versatile than ever, offering the standard R version and a touring-oriented GT. To highlight the touring capabilities of the lineup, Triumph has designed a series of accessories to outfit the new Rocket 3s for the long haul.

Boasting over 50 accessories designed and tested along with the development of the Rocket 3, Triumph’s “Highway” inspiration kit serves to enhance the comfort and practicality of the muscle cruiser. 

Adding customization to the ergonomics, Triumph offers touring handlebars, comfort saddles for pilot and pillion, passenger backrests, and tank pads. 

To improve the carrying-capacity of the stripped-down cruiser, owners can add a magnetic 3.1-gallon tank bag or a 2.4-gallon tail bag. For longer trips, 5.3-gallon sport panniers can attach to the rear of the bike via Triumph’s patented quick release, retractable mounts.

Gallery: 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 Highway Inspiration Kit

Ever the vigilant ones, Triumph also developed a line of security accessories with Artago. If the steering lock doesn’t provide enough peace of mind, a U-lock, a 120-dB alarmed lock, or a ground anchor may do the trick. Brand loyalists can rest assured that they’ll never have to secure their Rocket 3 with a device that doesn’t bear the Triumph logo. With the number of motorcycle thefts in the UK at the moment, this may be the most sensible item in the line.

While the “Highway” collection showcases the pragmatic side of the Rocket 3, the brand doesn’t forego all form for function, including styling accessories like LED indicators, bar-end mirrors, and a sport windshield in the inspiration kit.

We may have to wait for November to get our hands on the Rocket 3 R & GT, but for now, at least we can proactively plan how we’re going to accessorize the 2,458cc beast.

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