For those that don’t know, Supreme is a New York-based streetwear brand that’s popular with the kids these days. Every season, the company releases a new collection and the youths amass like mosquitoes to an outhouse lantern. Lines rival Black Friday proportions with many devoted fans camping along storefronts for days on end. For the company’s 2019 Fall/Winter collection, Supreme will take hypebeast culture to the world of motocross by collaborating with Honda on a limited edition CRF250R.

The CRF250R is Honda’s mid-sized competition dirt bike. Leaning into its racing heritage, the company makes sure CRF250R buyers “ride red” by only offering the off-road bike in one color. For the collab, Supreme leverages the standard livery, removes the factory graphics, adds red side panels, and plasters the brand’s logo across the number plate, fork guards, and fairings. Aside from the outfit change, it doesn’t look like any of the CRF250R’s components are getting spruced up.

At $7,999, the standard CRF250R is an affordable competition machine but we’ll have to wait for the August 23, 2019 drop to see the cost of Supreme’s version. If the company’s past collaborations provide any hint, the price won’t stay affordable for long. Supreme’s dog bowl has a resale value of $650 and their branded brick regularly goes for $1,000 on eBay. Yes, you read that right, a dog bowl and a masonry brick fetch well over $500 just because they display the brand’s logo. 

In the biking world, Supreme collaborated with Coleman on a mini-bike in 2017. The retail unit has a price tag of $499, but Supreme slapped a few logos on the fenders and now it sells for $3,300.

Whether the customers are urban dirt bike riders or suburban teens, you can be certain this collaboration will sell out. Yes, you may have to sleep on the filthy sidewalk for two days, but hey, if you ever have to get rid of the bike, you can always take solace in the fact that it will have a good resale value, right? 

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