While the latest additions to the Royal Enfield North American family are quite the lookers, it hasn’t kept shops from around the world from wanting to give them their own twist. Since their introduction to the market in 2018, the Continental GT 650 and INT (Interceptor) 650 have inspired countless custom designs. Especially since Royale Enfield seemingly banked on custom shops modifying their Twins as part of its marketing strategy. One of the most recent designs shown is one from French shop Baak, dubbed Gallinella.

While this design is simpler than what we’ve seen until now, its beauty is in the subtlety.  The most obvious feature of this design is the bathtub-style fairing inspired by the popular style of British bikes from the 50s that sported a rear fairing that cradled the rear wheel and enclosed the rear suspension. 

In the case of the Gallinella, the part was handmade from aluminum alloy.  The shop also added a different stainless steel front mudguard, a customized handlebar, and a new tuck-and-roll saddle to complete the look. The headlight was replaced with a Lucas P700 unit, topped with an integrated speedometer. 

The suspension set up remains unchanged, but the shocks absorbers were replaced with Shock Factory parts. The star of the show, the 648cc parallel-twin engine remains untouched. Only the mufflers have been replaced with short tips that elegantly underline the engine. 

The custom Interceptor 650 Gallinella was unveiled at the Wheels & Waves Festival back in June, a yearly event that takes places in Biarritz, France. The shop even recorded a poetic video of the building process and of the unveiling of the bike in June, to the lovely sound of the twin engine. The result of all this work is a classic and elegant silhouette that goes down a different path from a lot of the custom Interceptors we’ve seen so far. 

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