The chase came to a tragic end.

When it comes to heists, some turn out better than others. In some cases, the end result can be disastrous and even tragic. While any robbery deserves a hefty serving of justice, some thieves get more than they deserve in the heat of the moment. A series of robberies, an attempted bank heist, a motorcycle theft, and a police chase that ended with the most tragic conclusion possible kept authorities on their toes in South Carolina. 

On Wednesday August 14, a suspect was chased down Interstate 95 by the police after allegedly robbing not one but two convenience stores earlier in the day, in Orangeburg County. The same suspect had also allegedly attempted to rob a Farmers and Merchants Bank, an unsuccessful heist after he failed to get through the bank’s second set of security doors. This is likely what alerted the authorities of his presence and prompted the chase. 

The culprit then fled on an unidentified but very stolen Suzuki motorcycle. The authorities chased after the suspect on the Interstate, sometimes reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. The manhunt crossed two counties before the suspect lost control of the bike and crashed into another vehicle. One news source stated that the vehicle was a 2015 pickup truck. A social media post shared on the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office's Facebook account confirmed instead that the vehicle involved was in fact one of the Office’s own vehicles. The impact sent the fleeing rider off the road and threw him off the saddle. He wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the crash


He was stabilized and evacuated to a local hospital. He sadly died from the injuries he sustained in the crash. The authorities are currently investigating the events that lead up to the death of the 24 year-old suspect. 

Sources: The T&D, Live News 5

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