The Dream Roll all-women motorcycle camp is coming up from August 23 through 25, 2019. Now in its fifth year, the annual, inclusive retreat for women who love all things moto just keeps growing, as well as picking up community members, events, and sponsors. Indian Motorcycle is just the latest big name to hop on board, and it plans to be on-site at New Frontier Ranch in Oregon for all the 2019 festivities. 

The event welcomes women of all backgrounds regardless of riding experience. Basically, it’s like a big summer camp experience, but with bikes. Group rides, dirt bike and wheelie workshops, access to great local tattoo artists, and the annual Dream Roll Biker Games are just part of the fun. Getting outdoors and experiencing the camaraderie of a big group of women from all over who also love what you love is the other part. Skateboarding, kayaking, fly fishing, and other outdoor activities are also planned throughout the weekend.

The event, founded by Lanakila MacNaughton and Becky Goebel, was simply created to unite women motorcyclists. Lana, who is also a well-known photographer, told Vice, “I love throwing parties and I love getting strangers together. I think it creates an environment where you’re out of your element and it brings out a more honest [version of yourself].”

This is a ticketed event, and tickets are cash only. Fees are waived for cars and trucks that are towing motorcycles, but those vehicles must park in a designated area. General admission tickets include camping access at the resort, but if you prefer to lodge at local facilities instead of camping, that incurs additional charges. RV spots are limited and have already sold out for 2019. Motorcycle rentals in the area and for the event are also available. 

Writer Eve Peyser attended in 2018 and wrote about her experience for Vice. Before going to Dream Roll, she’d been interested in bikes, but had never ridden before. At Dream Roll, encouraged and supported by a community of women who ride, she got on a bike and rode for the first time. Whether you’re a veteran rider or simply looking for the confidence to throw a leg over the saddle, the Dream Roll sounds like an excellent weekend getaway for any woman who rides—or wants to learn how.

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