Back in May 2019, we showed you some photos of the heavily rumored Ducati Panigale 959 replacement out testing. As the year rolls on, we start to approach that wonderful time of the year when all the big manufacturers start unveiling things. It’s no surprise that now is when someone happened to spot the Streetfighter V4 and the new baby Panigale out and about and shoot video to share with us all. 

Did you miss that single-sided swingarm? If so, you’ll be happy to know that it’s back, and it looks just as clean, uncluttered, and beautiful as you remember. As MCN pointed out, the Diavel-ish exhaust is the most immediate visual difference in this new sighting. How do you feel about it? 

Gathering more riders under the Panigale umbrella of course means pushing things forward. We—and just about everyone else who spends a lot of time thinking about Ducati’s plans — expect that we’ll learn more during Ducati’s big October announcement. Yes, the famous L-twin configuration hasn’t perished yet in favor of all V4, all the time—but has the displacement changed? 

Also, what other tweaks can we expect? Ducati loves to put out multiple versions of its bikes, and there’s absolutely no reason to expect that it won’t offer multiple flavors of baby Panigale to suit your every whim. All those important details—including pricing—will more than likely be revealed ahead of EICMA when Ducati takes us through its 2020 lineup and lays our months of speculation to rest.

Then, of course, lucky EICMA attendees will be able to ogle the new baby up close and in person, cooing over it before sending gifts of money to their local Ducati dealers so they can welcome the new baby into their homes and garages. Just, um, be careful if you pinch this baby’s rosy cheeks—it may bite.

Sources: Fotocisa, MCN

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