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ADV motorcyclist Nicolas Holzem was last seen on June 15, 2019 in Cusco, Peru. Officials confirm that he crossed the border at Tilali into Bolivia, and that he registered with Bolivian immigration on June 16. Now, Holzem’s family and friends are looking for him, as no one has seen or heard from him in nearly two months. Even if you haven’t personally seen him, all of us in the global motorcycling community can help by spreading the word with this video and these photos.

Holzem, 44, was last seen riding a white Suzuki DR 650 with license plate number Y34412. His sister Catherine told ADVRider that he is a resident of Luxembourg who lives in Krakow, Poland. He speaks French, Spanish, and English fluently, along with a small amount of Portuguese. 

Gallery: Missing ADV rider Nicolas Holzem

Holzem’s completed route would have ended in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His sister is currently en route to meet with the honorary consul for Belgium in La Paz, and is enlisting any and all assistance she can to help find her missing brother. 

Motovlogger Pedro Mota is in the area, and helpfully posted the video above in both Spanish and English, giving Holzem’s details and asking for assistance in finding him. According to Mota, Holzem’s story has been all over the news in Luxembourg. The more eyes that see this story, the better the chances are that someone who knows something will see it.

If you have any information about Holzem and/or his whereabouts, please email ADVRider directly so that editor Paul can pass the information directly to Catherine. Since Paul’s initial post, many helpful riders have offered both expertise and support in the comments

Let’s do everything we can, wherever we are in the world, to try to get our fellow rider found. Here’s hoping that Nicolas is safe and sound, and is reunited with his family soon. RideApart wishes him, his family, and his friends strength during this difficult time, and hopes everyone who can do so will spread the word. 

Source: ADVRider

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