Normally you wouldn't dream of treating a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 like a dirt bike. It's made for maximum tarmac performance, not for sliding through the dirt. Well, except for this one.

The Stunt Freaks Team decided to take an ordinary Gixxer and tweak it a bit for the dirt. Off came the brittle bodywork, and on went a dirt suspension, wheels, tires, and a bunch of custom work to make it happen. The end result is a big 162 horsepower dirt bike, which is serious overkill for any and all dirt riding. Some people say my KLR 650 is too big to handle the local ATV trails and single track, but the GSX-R is not only even bigger, but it also has four times as much horsepower.

The back wheel becomes a gravel machine gun when you twist the throttle and let out the clutch. A little spray is to be expected, but you don't want to be anywhere near the rear of this bike when it launches. That spinning wheel gets it up to speed quite quickly, too, and with an experienced rider, it can hit some pretty insane speeds for a dirt bike. Its weight doesn't seem to be an issue with handling, either, nor with some pretty steep inclines.

Speaking of inclines, any dirt bike worth riding has to be able to handle a jump. This modified GSX-R is no spring chicken, but it sure can fly like an eagle. No doubt its speed capabilities help, but this one manages to stick the landing after traveling 52 meters (170 feet) through the air. That's more than half a football field in flight!

Maybe Suzuki should consider putting a Gixxer for dirt into production. It sure would give the KTM Super Duke 1290 Adventure a good run for its money.

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