There are dumb challenges and really dumb challenges.

What are the chances you would do something stupid for some money? It’s easy to say no, but when the money is good, most of us will at least think about it a while longer. Well, this bar owner accepted the challenge, gave his beer for someone to hold and while he might have some explaining to do with the authorities, he’s now $2,000 richer. 

It looks like Italian pro soccer player Mario Balotelli had a pile of money burning a hole in his pockets! He challenged a buddy of his to ride a Vespa into the sea, in Napoli, Italy. In exchange, bar owner Catello Buonocore received a convenient little pile of cash. In fact, roughly $2,000 were at play in this silly scenario. So after pocketing his money, the rider straddled a blue Vespa in front of a cheering crowd, wearing only his tighty whities and a pair of running shoes, and rode the scooter off the edge of the promenade and into the water. He emerged seconds later, unscathed. 

The stunt obviously unfolded in front of a camera lens and posted to Balotelli’s Instagram. Why such a specific challenge? The story doesn’t tell how it all started, but what it does say is that the rider didn’t need much convincing. 

It’s all fun and games until the police are brought in. In fact, both Balotelli and his accomplice are being questioned by the Italian authorities. The soccer player himself is facing charges for criminal solicitation and gambling while Buonocore could be charged with abandonment of hazardous waste. The little blue submarine wasn’t left to its watery grave, it was apparently retrieved and put back on the road as it was later found parked on the street in Napoli by the authorities. 

Sources: Motociclismo, Mirror 

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