The Schweinefiletring is 175 miles of beautiful Indiana roads and fried pork sandwiches as far as the eye can see.

There are any number of ways to get bike people and car people into an instant fight. Still, one thing we can all agree on is that beautiful roads are a gift. Just the right dips, curves, elevation changes—and sure, some nice scenery that isn’t so distracting that it gets you killed while you’re zipping along helps too. A distinct lack of corner gravel anxiety is also helpful if you’re on two wheels.

The Drive reports that some Indiana-based gearheads spent nearly a year blowing up the world-famous Nürburgring's exact dimensions in super-sized American style to create—what else—the Schweinefiletring. It’s named for what is arguably the state of Indiana’s most famous culinary gift to the world, the gigantic pork tenderloin sandwich that is sometimes called a schweinefilet. If your sense of culinary history tells you that this might be a sideways take on a wiener schnitzel, you’d be right — and writer Samantha Weiss Hills (a native Hoosier) has a pretty great history of this Indiana delicacy here at Eater.

The founders of what they hope will become an annual charity rally event called the Tire Squeal carefully took a transparency of the famous German track and transposed it over some truly beautiful Indiana roads. Then, they brought the total distance from the Nürburgring’s original 17.5 miles up to 175 instead. Indiana might not be Texas, but all over America, we most definitely like to round up. I mean, we have all this extra space—and if it’s full of beautiful roads, why wouldn’t any motoring enthusiast use them?

The inaugural Tire Squeal event will take place on June 22 and 23, 2019 — and is free for all to attend. All types of vehicles are encouraged. However, given that the rules and scoring scheme for the event tend to favor larger groups, you might want to tell your friends. Load up your pillion seats and sidecars, get in formation, and raise money to help the Gleaners food bank of Indiana.

Tire Squeal 2019

You’ll need to submit photos of your vehicle(s) at predetermined points of interest to gain points for yourself or your team (both solo and team entries are allowed and encouraged). There are even extra food points to be had if you take photos eating the infamous pork sandwich along the route—and participating restaurants in the event are donating 10% of their income from Tire Squeal participants to Gleaners, as well. Detailed instructions about what you should and shouldn’t do for an acceptable POI shot are here.

Registration for the event is free, but any monetary donation you choose to make will 100% benefit Gleaners. If you donate over $75, you get an inaugural event t-shirt. Over $125 gets you both a t-shirt and a hat. All participants who accrue points will also be in the running for some sweet prize packs from Tire Squeal sponsors.

In the random drawing portion of the prizes to be awarded, Ducati of Indianapolis is giving away a $250 apparel gift card. Other prizes available include track passes to Putnam Park Road Course and an Indy Racing Experience 2-lap pass at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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