Riding for a good cause? Where do we sign?

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Santa is a bike guy and that he’s been riding across the UK to collect funds for charity. The Santa’s On A Bike charity runs have been gaining momentum in England and this year, we get to follow one of the Santas on the first Isle of Man event.


For a few years now, the Santa’s On A Bike event charity runs have been spreading across the UK. A few chapters have been organized already in the regions of Bristol, Devon, Essex, and Plymouth. Last year only, a total of 1,000 riders participated in the different runs and collected over $25,000 for local charities. For the first time this year, the Santa fever took hold of the Isle of Man.

Few regions in the UK have a closer relation to motorcycles than the Isle of Man where, every year, the famous (and dangerous) TT takes place. The islanders live and breath motorcycle racing so a  motorcycle tour of the island for a good cause only made sense. While it can be tempting to channel your inner McGuinness or Agostini while riding on one of the world most notorious motorcycle race course, with hundreds of riders flocked on the same roads, it keeps the racing ambition in check.

In fact, on December 8, 200 riders dressed in their sharpest Santa Claus suits gathered for the Isle’s first Santa’s On A Bike tour and tackled the famous racing course. Self-proclaimed “Traffic hating petrolhead based on the Isle of Man” YouTuber Unrestricted Isle participated in this first Santa TT and gave us a glimpse of what hundreds of Santas riding together looks like. “Fun” is definitely what comes to mind (if you don’t mind a bit of rain).

This year’s Santa TT managed to collect the equivalent of $5,000 for Rebecca’s House, a palliative care facility similar to a Ronald McDonald’s House here. I’m sure a number of American Santas would gladly join in were there ever to be a US chapter to the event. After all, riding for a good cause ranks high on the list of good excuses to get on the saddle.

Source: Santa's On A Bike